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Aircraft industry

Aircraft industry requires the absolute reliability of the final product. Despite of this fact, this industry cannot avoid the innovations pushed with technological progress supported by the continuously increasing requirements for the enviroment  this protection.

Aircraft industry ranks among the leaders in the implementation of new materials. These special materials are usually difficult to be cut by a standard geometry of cutting tool.

The company Rotana a.s. designs, developes and produces cutting tools for a number of applications in aircraft industry. Our products are made to satisfy the increasing demand for more productive machining of composite materials.

Energy industry

Energy industry is of the key importance not only for all industrial sectors but also for everyday requirements of million individuals. Energy market is seeking a technological progress and the most advanced solutions to satisfy different requirements of various markets.

  • Various shape modifications of machined surfaces can be cut with Rotana forming tools.
  • High processing safety due to the guaranteed shape of tool.

For many years, the company Rotana a.s. has been a reliable partner in supplying of special cutting tools for the demanding applications in energy industry.

Automotive industry

Automotive market has been continuously developing. New impulses for industrial innovation, development of the environment protection, and improvement of economic result have been appearing almost continuously. Suppliers are therefore constantly seeking the best solutions of the new demanding tasks.

For many years, the company Rotana a.s. has been designing and supplying various solutions of cutting tools for a number of applications in automotive industry. Our tools meet high requirements for the quality of machined surfaces. The emphasis is put not only on quality but also on the shortest possible machine time.

Other industrial markets

Machining technologies rank among the most frequently used technical disciplines in mechanical engineering. Various types of machined materials, different requirements concerning quality of machined surfaces, and mainly various productivity, require an extensive experience when choosing optimal tool geometry.

The company Rotana a.s. offers many years experience in designing of machining tools for the applications in various sectors of engineering industry. Application of own know-how allows selection of required tool with the geometry defined in advance. Using the knowledge of optimal geometry, there is a significant improvement of utility characteristics of machining tools.

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