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Development centre

The company ROTANA a.s. has been continuously and for a long time involved in the applied research and experimental development. Majority of innovative projects are implemented as searching sophisticated solutions of orders for existing as well as new buyers.


„Obtain knowledge is implemented into our production technology while deepening our knowledge know-how!“

In 2018, an independent department of research and development activities was established being a part of the existing company premises. The Department of Research and Development is equipped with the most advanced technologies stimulating the innovative potential.

The program of research and development team itself includes the solutions of challenges in the following areas:

  • ongoing increase of utility characteristics of existing products,
  • research of special tools for the materials difficult to be cut (Ti,Ni-alloys, carbon composites, intermetallic alloys (TiAl, FeAl)),
  • development of special step tools or forming tools,
  • increase of tools life.

It is possible to seek new technologies thanks to own research and development centre or in shared collaboration with partnership entities, i.e. Czech Technical University in Prague or Technical University in Brno. Improvement of used technologies allows optimization of required objective implementatoin.

Development and research

Development and research
Development and research
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The object of project solution is currently subject to trade secret (Sec.17 to 20 of Commercial Code).

We are preparing more information about the ongoing projects.

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