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The company Rotana a.s. offers renovation of cutting tools. The final product is provided with the original ground effect and adequately selected coating according to your requirement. The cutting tool then corresponds to the required working parameters.

Rotana a.s. uses the most advanced equipment as possible due to which also special geometries can be treated, such as: irregular division of cutting edge, variable spiral, composed spiral (each cutting edge with a different spiral), thin cylindrical facet, etc. We use software for special ground effects of drilling tip such as: SE/HP, TF, 180°, 6VF, Sx, etc.

Before the start of sharpening itself, it is necessary to define what customer requires!”


We provide sharpening of special tools of our production, but also the tools of other renowned producers (based on delivered drawings). In addition, we deal with the renovation of SK a HSS standard tools, incl. geometries of renowned producers, shank rotary tools from D=2.0 mm – approximately 60 mm, hobbing cutters incl. measurement report, shell tools, etc.


At the request, complete measurement reports are delivered with the tools:

  • the most important dimensions of tool,
  • circumferential chattering,
  • comparison of shape with DXF curve,
  • radius comparison.

Delivery terms

The delivery term for renovated tools is normally 10 working days, beginning the date of tools receiving. For special tools of atypical geometry or with a non-standard coating, the delivery term varies, depending on technological complexity of delivered tools.




The company Rotana a.s. is a family-type firm, ready to respond to your special requirements in a fast and flexible manner.

Rotana a.s.
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59401 Velké Meziříčí

tel.: +420 566 521 948
fax: +420 566 522 057

mobil: +420 733 347 270


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