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Exchangeable cutting tips


Continuous development of cutting process results in optimization of tools productivity. Special inserts Rotana have to comply with the continuously increasing requirements for geometry of cutting edges. It is the only way how to satisfy the methods of fast material removal (FMR).


„Save time by using the special inserts from Rotana!“


The company portfolio Rotana a.s. is not only the treatment of inserts but also the production of monolithic turning tools from solid carbide. The advantage of these tools is a significant variability of resulting shapes that is based on the final shape of workpiece.

Treatment of standard inserts to a non-standard geometry, a required shape can be obtained from the semi-products of inserts of renowned producers., e.g. of NCT, TOP NOTCH, etc.


Treatment of inserts consists of:

  • adjustment of shape of recessing, milling tips
  • resharpening of single tips
  • resharpening of special front shapes
  • resharpening of exchangeable tool heads (Seco, Kennametal, Iscar, etc.)
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