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Special tools

Special tools

We design the tools to satisfy your specific requirements. According to the specification of workpiece, we are able to design and produce a complete, adequate tool where standard tools cannot be used (or can be used with limitations only).

A special tool can be used also in the applications where a complex combination of standard tools reduces productivity of machining. By a using the special tool, it is possible to reach an improved optimization of production processes and thus increased productivity of machining.


„A close cooperation with our customers when developing technically demanding solutions for machining of challenging parts is the basis of the whole application success.“

Milling tools

Tools for milling operations

Monolithic shank milling tools from solid carbide intended for the area of HPC (High Performance Cutting), HFC (High Feed Cutting) and HSC (High Speed Cutting).

Various tool modification:

  • shape tools in accordance with DXF-line (according to your workpiece, according to our design),
  • cylindrical, radius, radius-conical, spherical, conical, ...,
  • one tooth as well as more tooth,
  • drilling as well as grooving,
  • extended,
  • internal, external cooling.

​Our tools cut materials such as stainless materials (Inconel, hastelloy, Nimonic), super-alloy, titan, aluminium, copper, graphite or composite materials.

Tools for machining holes

Tools for cutting of opennings

Monolithic tools for machining holes from solid carbide with the suitably selected coatings, various geometry and design, allow to machine holes with a high productivity when keeping the quality of machined surfaces in various applications and machined materials.

Various modifications of tool:

  • step and special drills, centre drill, reamers, recess tools (according to your workpiece, according to our design),
  • with various geometry, according to the type of use,
  • one tooth as well as more tooth,
  • including internal cooling with a straight as well as spiral flute,
  • extended.


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