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The company Rotana a.s. offers with a strong technical background necessary for a successful solution of your requirements.

All designs of cutting tools are done using CAD software, particularly PTC Creo Parametric (originally Pro/ENGINEER). To administer data, procedures, bar codes, technical documentation etc., we use Soft4Sale marketing software. 

The core of machine capacities consists of a set of 5-axis tool CNC grinding machines Saacke including all available and current software. Productivity is increased by using automatic feeding devices due to which the machine operators can devote their time to optimize the process, making the whole process more efficient.

To meet the growing requirements for the production of micro-tools, TTB Evolution grinding machine has been purchased. This special grinding machine is produced by the Swiss company TTB Engineering SA, a part of Saacke Group. This fact has to be emphasized as thereby the above-standard relationships continuity with the suppliers of the most important machines is guaranteed. This also manifests itself, among others, by regular consultations of technical machine possibilities and better utilisation methods.

New technical materials using for workpieces are lighter, firmer and more resistant therefore they require updating of machining strategies.

”Completely new concepts of tools with an ultra hard cutting edge will enable to increase productivity of machining.“

Progressive cutting materials (PKD, CVD-D, CBN) are not easy to machine by any conventional technology. Thanks to the implementation of new production technologies, we are also able to work with these types of material.

For these exceptional cutting materials, our production technology enables macro- geometric and micro-geometric processing elements: the creation of cutting sloped edge macro-geometry, shape-complete 3D chipbreakers, rectification (making round, edge bevelling) on cutting edge.

The application of these elements into geometry of the cutting tool is not possible without using laser technology, specifically we have purchased Ewag Laser line ultra from the Swiss company Ewag AG.

In terms of their concept, these special cutting tools are designed as individual cutting segments that are soldered on a carrier itself. The joint transfers mechanical, chemical, but also thermal stress from the place of cut into a carrying element, i.e. a carrier. It is a critical stressed point. For this reason, a vacuum soldering furnace has been purchased that will ensure the most perfect known connecting of individual segments in high vacuum. Due to the managed process of heating and cooling, the material of individual segments is not overheated. The resulting joint is even, without any impurities and bubbles. This prepared joint is important for the quality of the tool or its overall integrity.

The company Rotana a.s. uses a number of the most advanced metrological technologies of series 3D illuminating and 2D reflective camera devices: Zoller genius 3, Zoller smarTcheck, Zoller hobCheck, Werth VIDEO-CHECK, in addition the conturograph Mitutoyo, special microscope Alicona, stereo microscope OPTIKA, and other metrological devices. All tool parameters are fully documented in protocols. 

Tool micro-geometry treatment, the so-called cutting edge rectification, is one of our most important know-hows. It concerns an exactly controlled making round of cutting edges (”blunting“). Due to this treatment, cutting edge is provided with the increased resistance to avoid mechanical failure like brittle fracture or micro-crumbling. Such treated geometry results have a significant impact on the tool life.

All employees working with the above-mentioned devices and software programmes are trained on a regular basis. Thanks to cooperation with technical universities is available further access to scientific capacities, modern software and machine equipment.

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