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Rotana a.s.

Rotana a.s. deals with designing, developing, processing, and related service of monolithic rotary tools, particularly special step drills and form milling tools from solid carbides, micro-tools as well as exchangeable cutting tips of atypical shapes.

Development and innovation activities of the company is aimed especially at resolving specific requirements of customers, development of new tools, and innovations of existing products as well as processes. Development and innovation activities deal mainly with the life of tool extension and development of completely new innovations.



Based on the supplied specification of workpiece and required productivity, we are able to develop, construct and produce further particular tool on the five-axis CNC grinding  machines. The tool is measured using 3D camera devices. If the application requires so, a coating is provided using the most advanced technologies. And, of course, we provide a follow-up service.

Due to the experience gained, we have been able to develop a clear concept, stable team of people, and top technical background. Competence, experience, and innovative corporate culture create an environment for the original solution of requirements, just at the moment when it is necessary for you.




Rotana a.s.
Průmyslová 2085
59401 Velké Meziříčí

tel.: +420 566 521 948
fax: +420 566 522 057

mobil: +420 733 347 270


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